What To Expect

Coming along to a church for the first time can be intimidating. As the name suggests, you are sure of a warm welcome. Here are some things you can expect when you come to any of our meetings:

Expect God

Only God can change lives – we can’t. He’s alive today in Jesus, and so we

expect his presence in our meetings! God’s presence brings joy, healing, 

hope, and life. As we worship the Creator of the world, we find he loves us enough to accept us, and loves us enough to change us!

Expect Honesty

God is real, and he wants us to be real with him. God gave Jesus to the world 

so each of us can begin an eternity-long relationship with God.

So every preach at Welcome Church is from the Bible, is real and honest and 

applies to our real lives. We don’t need human-conceived religious and 

spiritual ideas in our lives; we want to hunger after God’s real truth for us!

Expect Love

God’s love, seen in the cross of Jesus, knows no distinction between color, 

nationality, age, economic background, or life situation. God wants to save 

and know every one of us, and that includes you! So Welcome Church reflects God’s love for his world, by being a diverse community of regular people, all following Jesus together. Unity in diversity!